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The New River Gorge
Fayetteville, WV

Click on pictures to view full-size photo

These pictures were taken at the National Park Service visitor center for the northern end of the New River Gorge National Recreation Area. The center is right where US 19 crosses the New River, the site of the world's longest single-arch span bridge.

This shot was taken from the Visitor Center itself, looking downriver (which for the New River is southward, unlike most other rivers).

From the Visitor Center, there's a path leading to a set of stairs which drop 600 feet down the side of the gorge to an observation platform.  Above are two shots of the bridge...

...and here are some shots looking down into the gorge.  The bridge you see (lower left of the first pic, and center of the second) is the old bridge for WV Route 82.  Using that bridge requires a 10 mile drive down the gorge through switchbacks, and 10 miles back up... about a 45-minute drive.  Crossing the river on the new bridge takes... about 35 seconds.

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