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Mount Trashmore
Virginia Beach, VA

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So, while I was getting me directions on the cell, I passed Mount Trashmore.  It was explained to me that it was a landfill, but now it's a park.  I pointed out that it's still a landfill, and we argued about this...

Anyway, it was suggested it was a good place to take pictures, and that was right.  Landfill or no, it's a pretty place.

First series: Random shots of the lake.

After we climbed the pile of trash hill, I was shown the Seal of the City of Virginia Beach, which apparently looks pretty nifty when it's lit up at night, as long as you're on the freeway down below.  Not being on the freeway down below, but standing on a 30-degree slope right in front of it, it's hard to get a decent shot...

A few people on top of the hill were flying kites:

Last shot there has no kites, but it has sky.

And a cute, but shy, puppy:

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