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Oh look, a wiki.

Account creation is disabled, as this wiki contains vast quantities of what Wikipedia would deem "original research", and that information needs to be protected from random editing. That said, we are looking for folks who'd like to help with this project. It would be purely as a collaborative hobby done for the love of it, since monetizing this is a pipe dream. If you're interested in participating, you can contact tog(at)jonfmorse(dot)com with an introductions (or a slap upside the head if you already know me and want in).

Ambox.png Note: No information in this wiki is "false", but due to the nature of the resources used to accumulate this information, this should not be construed as an assertion that all information is "true". Please see Accuracy Alert for details.

Pages Needing Data -- you can help!

"Completed" Sections



Each year of the following post-season tournaments are now up-to-date through today:



The following tournaments are close to complete, but there's data missing:

We have all the data for the NAIA women's national tournaments, but haven't gotten to them yet. We have most of the data for the NAIA Women's Basketball District Regionals, but haven't started those either.

We do NOT have, and would like to get our hands on, data for the National Catholic Invitational Tournaments from the 1940s-50s.

Conference and Team Data

The following conferences have "complete" data for football and men's basketball, meaning that the team pages are complete for every team which is or ever has been a member of the conference, conference pages are complete, and season pages for each season of the conference's competition are complete (or are as complete as is possible given available data). Data updated through 2014-15 academic year.

Currently working on:

  • American Mideast Conference (NAIA - This conference disbanded in 2012; information available at the time is complete, but this will be a long-term work-in-progress from this point forward)

In the chamber:

Drill-down on women's basketball at this level is just going to have to wait unless someone wants to help with this project.

Directories in progress