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Crossing Pamlico Sound
Cedar Island, North Carolina to Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

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This ate up most of my Sunday.  I had misjudged time, so basically I couldn't catch the 3pm ferry... because I'd have shown up at Cedar Island at 3:15.  So, lots of time to kill before a 2 hour 15 minute ferry ride (to go a whole 23 miles, no less).

While we were waiting for the ferry...

These little fuckers are brave, as you'll see as we continue... they really liked this guy in the white car.  Mostly because his wife kept tossing them food...

Shots looking back at Cedar Island from the ferry's observation deck.

And a shot of the ferry's command deck...

And then, Alfred Hitchcock strikes.

In the next-to-last pic, that bird is about a foot from my head.

I kinda like that last shot, despite the blurriness of the bird in the distance, since it shows the sun sinking...

Just some random shots of Pamlico Sound, nothing real special.

More light experiments... and then a shot of the wake from the ferry, and a shot of the sister ferry on its voyage from Ocracoke to Cedar Island.

Shots as we approached Ocracoke...

...and some more, as we puttered into the dock.

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