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With very few exceptions, all schools are referred to by their current name (even schools which have dropped their program and have changed their name in the interim, such as Sam Huston College, now Huston-Tillotson College). The exceptions are when the name change of the college is both functionally irrelevant and longer; as an example, I have chosen to continue to refer to Minnesota State-Mankato as Mankato State as it's shorter and conveys the exact same meaning.

In conference alignment lists, the school's other names will be referred to in small italics at the end of the entry. In conference standings, this will also apply for the seasons in which that school was known by that name only.

NOTE ON DATA (once there's actual data here):

I have made a very interesting decision in regard to game data and records: with a very few exceptions, I have excised games against teams which did not represent four-year colleges. My reasons for this are varied, but they mostly boil down to level of competition. As such, the all-time record for a given school may not match what you'll see pretty much anywhere else, but I think it's more sensible.

The exceptions fall into these categories, and my reasons for excepting them should be self-explanatory:
  • JUCOs which were members of conferences otherwise comprised of four-year institutions
  • JUCOs which were in the process of moving to four-year accreditation and formatted their athletic schedules accordingly
  • "Indian" schools playing a college schedule (Carlisle, Haskell, etc.)
  • Historically Black Junior Colleges playing college schedules
  • Wartime military teams.

Research Acknowledgments:

The data contained herein has been accumulated from a multitude of sources, including NCAA Official Football Guides, newspaper accounts, school media guides, athletic department web sites, and other web media outlets. There are certain instances where deduction and elimination have been used to fill in unavailable data; for instance, if I don't have a documented date for a game between two schools, but I do have their results for the year, and those results appear to be in order by date given other information, and the schools both have only one open Saturday within the range on which they could have played... it's a pretty safe assumption that unless they played on another day of the week, I have the date sussed out. Likewise, if two teams play in an unbroken series, alternating home-and-away for several years, but there's one year in there which I don't have a documented site... I'll assume the site based on rational evidence. Corrections are appreciated.

Other researchers are welcome to harvest this data for any purpose other than simply reposting it; likewise, I anyone with information I'm missing is welcome to fill in holes for me (please provide a documentation source). Credit will provided.