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This map (last updated: 14 DEC 05) shows what counties in the United States I have been to. "Been to, in all cases, means I've driven through the county, or at least driven around the county after having flown in. (The latter case is only true for the Orlando area.)

Some people might wonder, "Why keep track of that?" Well, there's a couple of reasons. One, having been to every state except for Alaska and Hawai'i, there's no "fun" involved in going to a new state. Two, counting counties gives a broader picture of how much of the country you've really seen.

Anyway, you'll note that the map is colored based on when I first visited the county depicted. All the counties in the pre-1984 section were counties I visited with my parents as a kid, and have since visited on my own.

I have rules. If I enter a county, it counts, period. However, there are certain things I consider "cheating" which I won't do in order to enter a county. Details here.

A couple of brief notes: I've visited each of Virginia's "independent cities" (that is, cities which are not part of a county). Those aren't "marked" on here, 'cause they're way too small. But since Virginia's completely filled in here anyway, it's not really important. I've also visited the independent cities of St. Louis and Baltimore. The only independent city in the United States I haven't visited is Carson City, Nevada. So. . . here it is:

Current county counts:
US only: 1919/3142, 61.1% complete.
US and Canada: 1933/3462, 55.8% complete.

The above map includes all counties visited prior to 2010 in black, and counties visited in 2010 in red. For a full year-by-year breakdown of counties visited, go to my cleverly titled Counties By Year page.

For a state-by-state breakdown, go to my equally-cleverly titled Counties By State page.

Aaaaand, there's a complete outline of every single stretch of US and Interstate highway I've driven on at the Travel Mapping page, with lots of google map overlays, stats, and other such nonsense. I am no longer tracking overall road travel on this site thanks to the great work by the travel mapping team, but I am still maintaining state breakdowns at the above Counties By State link.

Road Trip: July 2002

Photos from my trip through (essentially) West Virginia and North Carolina on 06-08 July 2002:
Photos from my trip to Virginia Beach on 11 July 2002:
Just three photos from 11 July 2003: